So HRH arrived early and after meeting the Directors and other distinguished guests a party of 8 was allowed up the lighthouse. This is my moment as I am in this tiny band of RAF staff, Royal Protection Officers, Navy ADC, Historian and Guide. No other snappers! I get shots in the lamp room and out on the balcony with RAF Lossiemouth in the distance. Very happy but not so much while I was climbing the ladder to the lamp room and changing the 28mm for the 35mm!   On the way down I wanted to get in front because I knew that the unveiling of the plaque was next but I was shamed back into place by the ADC ” Perhaps we can let the Duke go first?”

HRH The Duke of York at Covesea Lighthouse-1-3















Of course I get down and I have missed the plaque. HRH jokes about where was the photographer but has the charm to repeat the shot, so I feel very pleased and privileged in a way. Thank you Sir!.

I compare notes with the snapper from the Press and Journal and I am to send some of mine in…….

HRH The Duke of York at Covesea Lighthouse-1-2

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