Behind the picture



“I can’t help being a photographer”

Photography  has  and always will be, a long and painful obsession for me. I, like many other photographers I’m sure, feel and act differently when I have a camera in my hand. Its painful because I have chosen to make it my business and sometimes that causes conflicts and dilemmas – Do I want to photograph that? How do I do it? do I have to do it that way? all sorts of questions rear up, but the only question that endures is does it look right? and right is a feeling, a connection between the eye and the heart.


It sounds  a bit precious , but it is a creative process often grabbed or snapped. I take pictures rather than make them because there is something I have seen , and whether I have made it or not I am still taking an impression of it, trying to capture the essence. – There I go again sounding arty when there are processes as well as emotions involved.

I am new to blogging so all I can promise is to tell the truth and keep it about photography

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