Why I bought another film camera

….For the same reason I want an old Land rover! I wanted a design classic, a work horse and most importantly a camera to use my Nikon lenses on. It has cured me of an irrational and expensive dream of owning a Leica (or a dentist’s camera- its so expensive only dentists can afford them!) […]

The Land of Lost Photos

One of the many challenges in photography is to be willing to learn. In the days of film I imagine there were tweaks, lighting set ups and bits of kit as there are nowadays, but I find the learning curve that  goes with digital photography to be a perilous one. especially when I think I […]

Taking Photographs without a mobile phone

With a fault in my incredibly smart and frankly overblown smart phone I have had to send it back for repair. My sadness was not being without my phone or email, but the loss of Instagram as this  has become a habit that I really enjoy. And Snapseed and facebook and The weather apps, and […]

Why Film is still important to me

I like having to wait for the negatives to come back from the lab (Ilford by post) looking at them on the light box that I bought when I was a student, scanning them and looking at them on screen. It is a slower and more considered workflow, although the truth is that shooting on […]

Zooms or Prime Lenses and why I like the Press

A wrangle that I thought I had solved until a photo call for a royal visit. The brief is always to get the shots but not to crowd the royals. Well ,Not when you are shooting for a client as an event photographer. That is when a Zoom is useful. In a crowded room with […]

Prince Andrew and the Lighthouse Part 1

HRH Prince Andrew was in Moray today, opening the Covesea Skerries Lighthouse, the iconic and beloved landmark that sits on the edge of Lossiemouth. Plenty of information etc. on the website. I am lucky enough to be a Director of the the charitable community run company that hopes to transform and promote the lighthouse, opening […]

why I had to shoot my mother

I like the title but the content is not as headline grabbing as it suggests (sorry). When I decided that I was going to be a  photographer, people suggested that I photograph friends and family to get a portfolio together. The trouble here is that there was additional pressure to produce something really special as […]

Behind the picture

    “I can’t help being a photographer” Photography  has  and always will be, a long and painful obsession for me. I, like many other photographers I’m sure, feel and act differently when I have a camera in my hand. Its painful because I have chosen to make it my business and sometimes that causes […]