Prince Andrew and the Lighthouse Part 1

HRH Prince Andrew was in Moray today, opening the Covesea Skerries Lighthouse, the iconic and beloved landmark that sits on the edge of Lossiemouth. Plenty of information etc. on the website.

I am lucky enough to be a Director of the the charitable community run company that hopes to transform and promote the lighthouse, opening it to all and generally loving it to pieces because it is a really brilliant example of a Stevenson Lighthouse. I am also a photographer, so the task today is to be be-suited and directorial and take pictures of the occasion and HRH, and be be-suited and approachable and to stand in line and shake hands.


So the dilemma is what do I concentrate on given that I have a chance to take photographs from a unique point of view but I have to be aware of my duties and not be too excited about it all. Given my choice, ( or my druthers as they say in North East Scotland) I would move swiftly and silently and concentrate on the photography. But lots of people in Lossiemouth wear several hats and fulfil different roles in the community. I imagine it will all work out in the end as long as I don’t flaunt protocol and grab HRH for a selfie……!

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