Restoration Photographer

Documenting the refurbishment of iconic buildings

As an experienced location photographer for the TV and film industry (photographing almost 2000 locations in and around London to date), I have developed a love of buildings and have consequently become involved in a number of renovation and re-construction projects.

Amongst them are:  photographing theatres and music halls for the University of East London’s Theatre Archive, documenting the demolition and reconstruction of the Young Vic Theatre in Waterloo,  and the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith.

Now resident in Scotland, I am involved with the Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust, in a similar role documenting the transformation of an iconic yet forgotten building in to what will be the first national literary centre for children in Scotland.

The photographs for all these projects have been used widely for publicity, marketing and fund raising while also forming a visual document of the works undertaken. The work I shot for the Young Vic is now in the library at RIBA, for reference purposes.

One of the additional benefits of such photography is that it can validate that certain building processes have been taken place, and that the restoration is following agreed stipulations.

On a personal level, I find such projects inspiring and it is a real thrill to witness the regeneration of historic buildings, while also providing a professional and brief specific body of work.

As phase one comes to a close my work with the Peter Pan Moat Brae trust will continue, but I am currently looking for additional projects to become involved with.