Taking Photographs without a mobile phone

With a fault in my incredibly smart and frankly overblown smart phone I have had to send it back for repair. My sadness was not being without my phone or email, but the loss of Instagram as this  has become a habit that I really enjoy. And Snapseed and facebook and The weather apps, and tide info and news and the ability to distract myself.

I used to hide behind a camera for a fraction of a second  and I look forward to doing it again. I know that when my phone is back I will be snapping away, but it would be really great if I could remember that I am a photographer first and a social media junkie second.

I have to confess I take less photos with a camera than I care to admit,: carrying a camera used to make me feel that I was switched on and on the look out for a photo. Carrying a camera seems a faff somehow, It was never like this and I ,as Puss in “Shrek the Halls” when he finds himself bewitched by a baubel, and falling into a kitten-like trance admits “I have shamed myself” The pretty, shiny and instantly gratifying smart phone pic has distracted me.


It is time to carry a camera again


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