Jamie Lumley Photographer

“Better than awesome!” Jim, Wheeler Seafood

If Jamie Lumley takes your photograph there’ll be more shots than you ever expected that make you look like you, the you you recognise and like. The you who’ll look good on the back cover of your latest book or on your mantelpiece or on your wedding day or anywhere, really. Jamie has a knack of putting you at ease and making the whole experience not only bearable but fun. You might even forget his camera’s there at all. And the results are superb.” Angela Young, Author

“You were really the best man for the job. Your fun, non-intrusive approach was the key to making the whole thing magic. You matched and captured our personalities perfectly” Leanne Rivett, Bride

“A truly wonderful experience, you made it all so much fun and we are thrilled with the photos!  You are so incredibly talented and we can’t thank you enough for capturing a magical family evening so perfectly.”  Ruth Bradley, Parent