The Land of Lost Photos

One of the many challenges in photography is to be willing to learn. In the days of film I imagine there were tweaks, lighting set ups and bits of kit as there are nowadays, but I find the learning curve that  goes with digital photography to be a perilous one. especially when I think I know what I am doing and that I have a method or workflow and that when the images leave the card reader and appear in Lightroom I know that they are there, safely delivered until I pay them the attention they deserve.

I had a stomach churning few days when a set of images went missing. I knew that they were on the computer, and yet I could not find them. After many hours of scouring drives, discs and bloody everywhere, and cursing cameras, computers, cards and mostly myself, I concluded that I had lost them. Hard words to say. Even harder to admit that captured moments and images destined for possible print and promotion had been thrown away .

So I confessed and apologised and thought I had gone mad, that the Nikons would have to be sold and that as a defunct and useless chap I would have to sew things or colour things in for the rest of my days. It still horrifies me that I took myself to the brink of madness because of a clock. Yes a clock. A chip in a camera, not a beautifully crafted mechanical station clock but a blob on a circuit board! When my main camera was repaired it came back re-set to factory settings. No bother I thought as I re-typed my copyright details, and set everything just so. Not fussed about the time and besides the handbook for the camera is heavy enough to cause an injury  if dropped. So I ignored the clock, which being a computer thing, flashed on the camera and set the world back to 2009. In fact it informed the computer that it was 2009, so Lightroom being the tidy bit of software that it is (and usually photographer friendly) put the pictures back in 2009. Logical yes, infuriating of course! But for all my worry, sickness and self-doubt I had the pictures back. That is the relief. Next time I lose pictures at least it will be at my own hand!

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