Why I bought another film camera

….For the same reason I want an old Land rover! I wanted a design classic, a work horse and most importantly a camera to use my Nikon lenses on. It has cured me of an irrational and expensive dream of owning a Leica (or a dentist’s camera- its so expensive only dentists can afford them!) For the meantime anyway. No more excuses for not shooting real black and white photos. I can chose the Contax G2 or the Nikon.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing!- all photos are better in memory than actual reality, and a quirky, brutish film camera, has it’s own beauty. The Nikon F4s is a legend. When it was released in 1988, it cost £1700. Mine cost £175 from Grays of Westminster. I mention them because they are an excellent source for all things Nikon. So many independent shops have folded that I am proud to visit a specialist supplier where the staff are polite and the shelves heaving with camera gear.

The real reason for buying an F4 is to show off! To show people that I can shoot film, that I am a photographer,an enthusiast and maybe film has become my hobby. And besides it looks great on display.


Nikon F4-1

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