why I had to shoot my mother

I like the title but the content is not as headline grabbing as it suggests (sorry).

When I decided that I was going to be a  photographer, people suggested that I photograph friends and family to get a portfolio together. The trouble here is that there was additional pressure to produce something really special as the subject is not just mum or granny but the now National Treasure ,Joanna Lumley. Or Mum, because they are different people sort of, it is complicated!

In simplest terms I was facing an experienced model who has been photographed by some of the best photographers IN THE WORLD, and with all that experience she knew how to strike a pose, move, take direction, pose look at the camera or not etc.

I have taken mum’s photograph on many occasions for her passport, test shots for shoots, all through childhood, working ¬†for Marks and Spencer ( I got there, before she did!) in Nepal, in Borneo with Orang-utans and Gurkhas ,cheeky fans, and my wife and children, and our friends singing karaoke!

And there is my answer: I had to produce a photograph that was special and the two perceptions of mum were combined. It had to be natural looking while carefully staged. So here it is, my mum, Joanna Lumley with my daughter, her grand daughter, Alice Lumley, on a sofa in the music room.


Job done!Mum and Alice in the music room

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