Zooms or Prime Lenses and why I like the Press

A wrangle that I thought I had solved until a photo call for a royal visit. The brief is always to get the shots but not to crowd the royals. Well ,Not when you are shooting for a client as an event photographer. That is when a Zoom is useful. In a crowded room with not much space I like using a 28mm or a 35mm as long as I can get close but not too close. a compact zoom may have been better because my 80-200 is too big for confined spaces. Wow !I have really nearly bored myself to tears so moving on…

I like the Press photographers I have stood alongside, especially the gang I worked with in Nepal on the Gurkha Justice Campaign visit in 2009. They know how to move like the wind to get into position and at the same time respect the space of those around them and the subjects involved. They had a good sense of humour and the banter while having to hurry up and wait was first class. The only time they were foxed was when the Nepalese snappers stampeded the President’s meeting with the campaign! Sharp elbows and shoving everywhere!

The important thing to remember here is that Press Photographers are skilled and experienced, while anyone can buy a camera and a laptop and become a paparazzi. I met a pap stalking Denise Van Outen when I was taking some pre-dawn location shots in Leicester Square. Big lens, big mouth and it was all about the money.

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